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Aug 13, 2017

Hearphones battery

I just heard about Hearphones (no pun intended) I'm well into middle age and have some hearing loss, plus my daughter has auditory processing difficulties. If it works, a product like this would receive heavy use in our household. My question is: Can the battery be easily replaced? I've owned many electronic products over the years that as they age have shorter and shorter battery depletion times and the battery can't be replaced. Before I go spend all this money I want to know if my investment will have a long useful life.



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Dec 23, 2016

Re: Hearphones battery

Hi John ( @formarra )


Thank you for your thoughtful question. I'm glad you asked. I appreciate and share your concern about shorter and shorter battery depletion times and batteries that can't be replaced. 


The batteries in our Bose wireless products are not replaceable. That includes Hearphones. We've engineered them to deliver great value over time. Through testing, we've come to expect the batteries to retain 80% of their original battery life after 500 charge cycles. There's a feature in the Bose Hear app where you can set an auto-shutdown interval to conserve battery life.  


Speaking personally: being able to have a face-to-face conversation with someone in previously impossible situations, it defies the value calculation. But I did the math anyway. For me, it's worth it. I think you'll have to experience Hearphones to assess their value to you.


You can Try Hearphones in store. If that's not convenient, you can order them online. You can read about the Bose Performance Guarantee (follow the link and look at the third heading)


John, have I addressed your question?