High-pitched chirping, clicking or ticking sound in one or both ears

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Re: Feedback/buzzing in left ear bud still

I think this is the same thing I've complained about. It would be so nice if there was some notification when it's fixed so we don't have to spend time on the phone and pester support.
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Phantom tones

Has anyone else noticed phantom background tones embedded in the Bose Sleepbuds sounds? I've noticed it a couple times. It became annoying to the point that I had to switch sleep sounds. Where I've noticed it so far is with the rain sounds. It was a very faint but audible series of repeating musical tones. Maybe 4 or 5 musical notes. It repeated at the same point in the sound loop. Anyone else hear them?

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Re: Phantom tones

yes I know exactly what you mean, it keeps happening on mine as well.

I have heard those Piano kind of sounds in the rain loop, a more deep series of tones in cascade.....once it starts it's only happening on one bud so far.


I think "Phantom Tones" is actually the perfect description to this.

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Re: Phantom tones

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Re: Phantom tones

Yes I've experienced this occasionally in the left earbud. It doesn't happen every night and most times it goes away after a while. I did not experience this at all during my first month of use.

In the other thread it's suggested that it could be a hardware issue. If it was some sort of manufacturing defect would this many people be affected though? Someone has gotten a new pair and experienced the same thing as well.


We could all be super unlucky though, hard to tell.

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Re: Phantom tones

Yes, I've noticed this too.  I'm still not entirely convinced it's in the earbuds themselves, rather than being an anomaly in how my brain and ears process sounds - in this case, the same sound for hours on end.    But I do find that if I wake up during the night I may here a tone (or a faint succession of tones) that surely wasn't there at the start. 



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Re: Phantom tones

Yep, have to change the sound once I clock it.
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Re: Phantom tones

The Rustling sound has what sounds like footsteps in the loop. Once I tune in, I find it annoying.

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More weird sounds from left bud

I already had a high pitched almost melodic sound in the background of some sounds, which some suggested was a hardware issue.

The other night I had small sporadic sounds like someone's tapping a tiny tambourine, can't think of how else to describe it. Then also a subtle high-pitched sound like a cat deterrent device, which I think might have changed frequency as they reconnected to my phone.

Anyone else hear weird sounds?

Re: More weird sounds from left bud

Hello c3ll4r_d00r,


Thanks for posting!


I'm sorry to see that you are hearing those sounds. 


Which sounds are you hearing this on so I can investigate this further for you?


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