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Mar 26, 2019

Left sleepbud wont charge past 48%


My bose sleepbuds are having an issue where the left sleep bud only charges to 48%.

I have done all that you have advised on other posts about resetting the case etc.

Can you please tell us whether there will be software fix for this soon or if it is a hardware issue. This has been posted in multiple forums now so bose must be aware of the issue.

Re: Left sleepbud wont charge past 48%

Hi Thebigblue88, 


Thanks for posting!


I am sorry to hear you are having this issue, even after trying the recommended troubleshooting, I would advise reaching out to your local customer support team, who will be able to help you further with this issue. Click HERE to find your local contact centre details. Select your region from the list and then 'Contact Us' and they will be happy to help.


Have a great day. 

Keith_L - Community Support - 



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Mar 27, 2019

Re: Left sleepbud wont charge past 48%

Dear Keith,

I am yet another purchaser of Sleepbuds who is having a problem getting the left bud to go beyond 48%. I only purchased my buds 8 weeks ago and cannot understand why BOSE have not sorted the problem out where is was first identified as an issue well over a year ago. BOSE would by have have received many returns so should have enough failed product to be able to come up with a solution, which works.

The suggestions of software updates/ resetting the power unit make no difference. Putting the left bud on the right power base does not work either which suggests it is the bud at fault.

Surely you know by now if the problem is the bud or the power unit?



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Feb 24, 2019

Re: Left sleepbud wont charge past 48%

I have the 48% problem too.


It is a disgrace.  Today I will take back my 2nd set of Sleepbuds (already did 1 return) and buy another set, so that I have a set to use while the others are being 'investigated' for 2 weeks.


So that is well over 300 EUR spent and a whole load of waste of my time.