Lost one sleepbud

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Lost one sleepbud

I am so bummed and I knew this would happen one day. I lost one my right sleepbud. I routinely take them out in my sleep (cant help it) and I will wake up and find them. Today was the day I ruffled my blanket too hard and heard it hit a wall. I looked EVERYWHERE. 


I have a small dog and I am hoping she didn't get to it and I may find it still, but the chances are looking slim. 


I am super bummed because this has been the only thing that has helped me sleep soundly since I can remember. I've owned them for three months and they have been a dream. 


Is there a way to replace one without purchasing a whole new set? I'm worried this is going to be a trend for me. 


Anything helps!




Re: Lost one sleepbud



Thanks for the post.  We don't offer individual Sleepbuds for sale.



Brandon - Community Support