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Aug 27, 2017

My settings

I've had my Hearphones for a couple of months now and I didn't know whether others might be interested in my custom settings. I original bought the Hearphones because I was missing many birds calling when I was on walks. Family members would say, "What bird is that?" and I would not have heard a thing. I bought the Hearphones and programmed in a setting I call "Outside"; it boosts the world volume to +30 and the treble to +25. The first time I tried it on a walk, I thought a nuthatch was about to land on my shoulder. I probably would have heard it unassisted, but anyway there it was. I hear plenty of other birds that I proably would have missed.


I have another setting so I don't miss out on the crickets. It's similar to "Outside" except the volume is pumped up to +50, treble the same.


The most impressive demonstration of how well these work is a setting I use when cutting the lawn. I used to use regular passive hearing protectors over my ears when using the lawn mower or chain saw. I thought I would slip the Hearphones on under those to try to listen to music on my iPod while cutting the lawn. My setting is "Lawn mower" at -50 and 0. I can listen to music at normal volume instead of having to crank up the iPod, and the really cool part is that I can only tell the lawn mower is running because of the vibrations to my hands. Pretty cool!


I also like the fact that these things make no attempt at trying to be invisible the way so many hearing aids do. I'm sure it means better electronics and battery life in the larger case. And those "invisible" hearing aids are always getting lost. Finally, I think one looks pretty good with these on anyway.

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Dec 23, 2016

Re: My settings



Welcome to our Hearphones Community. Thank you for joining us.


I appreciate the time you took to tell us how you are using your Hearphones with all the details about the settings. Others have mentioned bird song but you're probably the first to say this was the reason for getting Hearphones.


I hope you'll drop in on some of the other conversations here.


Thanks again,