No Updater for Chrome OS?

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No Updater for Chrome OS?

These things have changed my life for good but now the right bud won't stay on, and I can't update the base (apparently the base needs to be updated regularly) because there's no Chrome OS support! Please provide a way to update for Chrome OS users! I bought Bose due to the great reputation and I'm very disappointed with the lack of support and strange issue. Why would the sleep buds stop working because of the charger?

Re: No Updater for Chrome OS?

Hello Sleepybear,


Thank you for reaching out to us here, and sorry to hear about your trouble. We're are happy to hear that they've worked out so well for you and we hope that they continue to do so. 


The charging case does not need to be updated regularly, but when an update becomes available, it can only be done through the Bose Updater at I will provide your feedback up to the product team, but the website is compatible with Windows/Mac OS only. 


It's possible that the charging case is not properly charging the Sleepbuds or reporting inaccurately and due to this can cause an issue. You can also try resetting the charging case. Please visit here for instructions on how:


Any chance you can get access to a Windows or Mac computer for a moment and try to update the charging case? 


If you're still running into issues, we encourage you to reach out to the Sleepbuds Support team to set up service. 


Contact information here.


Let us know how everything works out for you. 


Thank you again,



Mohsin - Community Support