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Jul 29, 2019

Re: Noise masking ear buds not fully charging

Having been in touch with BOSE regularly over the past 12 months, a few notes: 1) they r great at still replacing the units (which helps me as I still like the product) 2) I have noticed that since the beginning of this year, the units become less sensitive to the issues (I have 4 in total, traded those a few times, and they seem to still be working) 3) BOSE customer service did confirm to me that they made some changes, and they unofficially are saying that they are working on a complete new generation.


So, it's a pity BOSE is confronted with the technical issues, however I applaud on how BOSE is handling the matter, a great example for other companies on how keep customers happy despite technical issues, hence take your responsibility, which is what they are doing!