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Dec 23, 2016

Power Plug Tip

We had a great suggestion from @Jterrylee44 - to have a symmetrical charging plug.


Until then, here's a tip to help you get the plug into the charging port on the first try.  The charging plug is a standard USB Micro B plug. The flat side has two small teeth. They are hard to see, but I can feel them. When you've got things lined up the right way, the side with the teeth faces the outside of your Hearphones. 

USB B Micro Teeth 1.png










@Jterrylee44 wrote:

I've tried different approaches to deal with echos in medium to large rooms and auditoriums. I don't feel I get much help from Hearphones in those cases.  Changing location to get closer to the source doesn't work with assigned seats.  More echo/reflected sound rejection would be great in all cases.  In small rooms using Focused helps.  Very good with TV voices.  I've used closed caption for years with hearing aids but with Hearphones, I can listen and occasionally look at the closed caption if I miss a word.  Just the opposite experience with hearing aids.


'I'd like a symetrical charging plug.  It's really hard to plug into the Hearphones without good lighting to see which side is the flat side. If the plug were on the bottom of one of the neck ring lobes it would not be as mechanically threatened  as it is sticking out at an angle.  It would also be easier to use if 'Charge-while-playing' were implemented.  Present charging port location and angle is too awkward for a charging cable when wearing it.  Thanks 


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Feb 3, 2017

Re: Power Plug Tip

Yes, thank goodness USB type C has finally put an end to this madness!  However, that doesn't help anyone with a USB type B product, such as the Hearphones.


HOWEVER, if this is of particular annoyance to anyone, you can purchase a reversible 3rd party Micro USB (USB Type B) cable, such as the one from MicFlip:  You could use that in place of the USB cable that came in your Hearphone box, to charge the device.  

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