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Aug 7, 2019

Right sleepbud battery drop to 0 after 5 hours use

After around 5 hours use the right bud battery drop to 0 and disconnected in the morning. However the left one still have 60% of battery. 


I have already replace once with the issue, but exactly the same issue remains on the new one. I am very sad because it took me so much time and effort to check the issue and contact the customer service and replace the item. I think this is a product fault and Bose should recall the products.


Seems others are also haveing the same issue.






Re: Right sleepbud battery drop to 0 after 5 hours use

Hi Elise,


Thank you for reaching out.


I'm sorry to hear of the issues you are experiencing with your Sleepbuds, I'll be happy to assist you.


I would recommend updating the firmware of your charging case. I have included the LINK HERE with instructions to assist you. Once Completed, reset the case by popping a paper clip into the hole next to the charging case. 


If you are still experiencing issues, I would recommend getting in contact with our Technical Support team. Click the LINK HERE, select your country of residence and scroll down to 'Contact Us'.  


If there is anything else we can do for you, please reach out to us again!




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