Slight buzzing / feedback in one ear?

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Slight buzzing / feedback in one ear?

Hello, I’ve noticed for the past few months ever since I’ve owned the sleepbuds that there is a high frequency buzz in the left earbud. It only happens when sounds are playing through the sleepbuds, and it sounds like feedback or something. The only sound I feel like I can listen to that masks the feedback noise is the rain and it has to be pretty loud, so i feel like I’m not using the sleepbuds to their full potential. Is this a known problem? To other people experience this? Its impossible to ignore now that I’ve heard it.

Re: Slight buzzing / feedback in one ear?

Hi JordanJ,



Thanks for posting. I'm so sorry to hear about that. The best thing would be for you to contact your Sleepbuds support team for assistance. Here is the contact information: (800) 905-1273.




Tony G - Community Support