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Oct 5, 2019

Trick for the 58% issue that might work for everyone

This is what I have done for a week now and it worked everyday so far.


like everybody I put the buds in the box in the morning for charging. When I get home around 5 pm one bud is usually 58% and the other 100% while the lights are solid white. Resetting the box at this point not always works in my case. What I do is get the buds out of the box and let them discharge 1% (about 10 minutes), now I put them back in the box and they both continue charging till 100% a few hours later. 
I charge the buds in the living room next to the sofa so I won’t forget to do this when I get home. Worth to try...

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Nov 12, 2019

Re: Trick for the 58% issue that might work for everyone

Agree that this has also worked for me, the number of times I’ve come to bed expecting the sleep buds to be fully charged and found that one is stuck on 58%!


taking a sleep bud out of the case and placing it back in has had some luck in the past.   It’s not an exact science though, but weird that it is possible to get both sleep buds back to 100% with some messing about.


i have just had mine replaced by Bose, I bought my first set in May 2019 and by November have been experiencing the 58% problem in the left bud.  I am using them most nights now, so will see how this set go.