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Nov 22, 2018

Weird loud sound in the bud when sleeping on it with all head's weight



I'm not talking about "weird sounds" just like in the other threads but a "clac" repeated in cycle every second, very regularly when you are sleeping on it with all your head's weight. For example, I'm often finding myself sleeping with my arm replacing the pillow and in this situation the whole weight of my head is set on the ear which is itself set on my arm. The bud is found to be dealing with a lot of pressure and while it does not hurt me it make the sound go very low, nearly disappear and a "clac" appears waking me up everytime. It's nearly physical and it's terrible to be woken up by this sound in the middle of the night. It's like an horrible alarm you listen to for a dozen of seconds before realising it's in real life and you must wake up to mak it stop.


Right after, I tried to sleep without my arm or anything under my head, just directly set on the matress. Same problem happened.


I'm about to sleep with the buds for a fourth night in a row. The problem happend on the third try. Maybe I did no put that much pressure on the bud during the first 2 nights. Anyway, I'm a bit anxious it happens again this night, those buds were great the first nights, now if it happends again this night I'm not sure what to do with these.


Question to Bose: have you ever noticed the buds could be working bad if you ever press them in the ear? Or is it a protection against physical ear wounds when pressing them too much against the ear/skin, waking you up to change your position?

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Re: Weird loud sound in the bud when sleeping on it with all head's weight

Hi Ozwel


Thanks for writing in!  Sorry to hear about the troubles, but would be happy to help!


It sounds like what may be going on is the sound hole of the ear tips may be enclosing in on itself when there is a lot of pressure on them.  I'm not 100% sure, but the sound you may be hearing the sound re-opening and closing.  I would recommend checking out this thread HERE 


Warm Regards,

Tony A - Community Support