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Jul 28, 2017

Where is the (phone) microphone?

We (wife and I) have had the hearphones for about a month now.  Typically, she's wearing them (paired to her iPhone 5) and I'm at the other end of the phone call (iPhone 6s) paired to my car's stereo.

Thing is, most of the time I have to turn up the volume at my end all the way, and I still can't understand half the words she is saying.  All I hear is garbled mush. I want to ask her to speak more directly into the microphone, but we can't find it. Where is it?

I'm running 1.3.3, whcih supposedly has improvements to the phone micrpophone, but really, if this "improved", woah. I mean, it's really, really awful.

Trying to update to 1.4.1, not having a lot of success at that, but it's only on the second try.

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Re: Where is the (phone) microphone?

Hi jefferyl,


Great question. I'm sorry you're not having a better experience with the phone connection.


The microphones are in the earbuds, and your results are going to be dependent on your environment and background noise.  People tell me they can hear me when I'm in a quiet environment. 


I just tried an experiment using my iPad using Microsoft OneNote. OneNote has a built-in recording feature.  I got a lot more volume by removing one earbud and speaking toward the gold covered surface. I had to be careful not to blow directly on it though. I had similar results using the Skype Echo Call Testing Service.  Your wife may have to experiment to find a position for the earbud/microphone that works well.


Does that help?







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Dec 31, 2017

Re: Where is the (phone) microphone?

This is interesting.


Aside from the lack of ANC for the mic when speaking on a phone call, I just assumed the mic used for this was in the neckband.


While this can't be fixed with a firmware update, perhaps the next generation model can put this mic in the neckband. This is where almost all other manufacturers of neckband earbuds with ANC in the earpieces place the voice mic.