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Mar 24, 2017

Whither Hearphones?

What is the future of the Hearphones? (I know that Bose probably won't answer). Is it considered a successful product? Will there be a truly wireless version? (i.e. as independent earbuds)


As for the current version, there hasn't been a firmware update it almost 6 months. Will it continue to evolve?

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Dec 23, 2016

Re: Whither Hearphones?

Hi, thersites,


Thanks for the interesting question. You're right, for business reasons, we can only say so much. Here is what we can say.


Is it a successful product?

- We are making Hearphones available to more people (still US only though).


Will there be a truly wireless version?

- We are always working on something, and I'm sure you'll understand why we don't talk about the details.


There hasn't been a firmware update it almost 6 months

- We listen to our customers here and through many other channels. We make changes to the firmware and the Bose Hear app. It's an exciting, fascinating world now that a product can change after you purchase it.  Over time, there are fewer changes required, but we're still exploring ways to make things better for you.


We are curious about how you use your Hearphones (see: World Volume: Why do you adjust World Volume). We are obsessed with the details, and you can tell us what is important to you (see: Feature Requests).  We can't respond to every request or suggestion, but we consider every one.


To others reading along, please follow the links above. It's an ongoing process and we sincerely appreciate hearing from you.


Thank you,