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Dec 26, 2017

additional hearphones

Already have hear phones using samsung j7 smart phone.  If purchasing another set of hearphones can the present app operate the hearphones?

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Dec 23, 2016

Re: additional hearphones

Hi donlackey,


Thank you for the interesting question.


The Bose Hear app can work with more than one Hearphones headset, but it can only work with one at a time.


If you use each Hearphones in a different location (e.g. one at home, one at work) you'll never notice that Bose Hear app will connect to the headset that it discovers nearby. 


If you use both Hearphones at the same time close to your phone, you'll find that the Bose Hear app will discover one of them and ignore the other.


To make things easier you can use the Bose Hear app to give each Hearphone a distinct name.

- Don One

- Don Two


Within the Bose Hear app you can disconnect from Don One when you want to connect to Don Two  This is less complicated than it sounds.


Are you likely to be switching from one Hearphones to the other, or will they both be in use at the same time?