BOSE's After Service Problem in South Korea

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BOSE's After Service Problem in South Korea

Hello, BOSE and everyone

I'm sorry I don't speak English very well, so please understand me if I have the wrong sentences and words.

I received a gift earphone from my family who went on a trip to northern Europe about a year ago, but unfortunately it appears that the sounding element isn't working recently

For reference, the model is SoundTrue Ultra in-ear headphone - Samsung and Android devices and They said that we bought it at the northern Europe Cruise Ship.

I called the customer service center(SEKI HI, the BOSE authorized import company in South Korea)

'I have the product's serial number so, can I repair BOSE product that purchased abroad in South Korea?'. And their official position is 'Without a receipt, you will not able to obtain repair.' and 'If you don't have it, there are two solutions. First, please go to the place of purchase in northern Europe and get your receipt. Second, VIsit the unauthorized repair shop.' How shocking it is! And it is ridiculous to say such a thing.  Because of that, I can't receive After Service.

I can understand the SEKI HI's absurd response because they can't search BOSE overseas product's serial number(the way to know where and when you bought this). But 'No receipt No After Service' is also a harsh treatment for genuine customers who do not have a receipt. I got attached to thing I've used for a year. I don't want to stop using this so, I would like to know how to get a receipt in South Korea Please let me know what steps I need to take for this to happen.


Thank you

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Re: BOSE's After Service Problem in South Korea

There are no answer and interest from BOSS for four days enough to reply about this situation. I finally realize it it a time for BOSS to say 'Goodbye forever'.

And I decide 'In my rest life, I'll never buy the product of BOSS again' 

Goodbye BOSS !  

P.S You'll never be best.