QC35 Bluetooth Stuttering/Drop-outs

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Re: QC35 Bluetooth Stuttering/Drop-outs

I have the same problem as Ben.  I have a HP ProBook 4530s.  I have downloaded the latest Bose Connect App software release and it does not seem to fix the problem.  Even when the Bluetooth is connected the Bluetooth white light does not always light up on the headphones, however, sometimes it is lit.  If I go to the Bluetooth settings on my computer and disconnect and reconnect the headphones it fixes the problem for a brief period of time, however, I do not find this a viable solution as it would be nice to have the headphones working as designed.  I am running Windows 10.  Please advise.





Re: QC35 Bluetooth Stuttering/Drop-outs

Hey Brent!


Thanks for reaching out.  To clarify - does this issue only happen with your HP ProBook?  Would you be able to test the headphones with another device?  


I hope that you have a wonderful evening!


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Re: QC35 Bluetooth Stuttering/Drop-outs

Hey Shiloh,
I am not Brent, but the guy who posted immediately before him. In my response you can see a detail list of the different devices that I have this problem with. Basically I have this issue with every single device that I have have tried, LG, Asus, Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Avantree, Sony, and Motorola.

The only saving grace is that it isn't 100% of the time, but when it happens the only solution is a full reset of the headphones, or to leave it alone for a few minutes.

I have simply been using the cable in these. The Bluetooth is pretty flawed.

Re: QC35 Bluetooth Stuttering/Drop-outs

Hey there,


Thanks for posting.  I'd like to suggest that you reach out to customer support (you can use this link), it sounds like your headphones could be defective.  Just select your country and scroll down to where you see "contact us".  You certainly shouldn't be experiencing interference with so many devices - please let me know how it goes if you can?


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