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Aug 5, 2017

QC30 Red Light and can't charge

Hi All,

My QC30s are 2 years old. Suddenly, they won't charge or operate properly - I'm getting a solid red light when trying to charge. I've tried different USB cables, and when I use the cable that lets the computer see my phone as a file system(it has a sort of 'attenuator' thing), the computer recognized the earphones and I was able to use Bose Updater to upgrade the firmware to 3.0.3. Then the amber charging light came on blinking for awhile but it quickly turned green. When I turned the earphones on, I heard the normal 'uptones', followed almost immediately by the turning off 'downtones'. Now when I try to charge I just get the solid red light again. Is there any hope? Thanks in advance for any input 🙂

Who also had this issue