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Sep 4, 2019

Soundlink mini 1 - works ok but flashing red light...?

My soundlink mini 1 has the blinking red light when plugged into power.  However, if I reset by holding mute for 10 seconds, it gives the friendly beep, and then will turn on using the power button, connect to a device and play music, but only for a minute or so, when it goes back to the blinking red light.

The battery is new and the device will work for a short time on just the battery, no power cable, but again stops after a minute or so and just turns off.  It then won't turn on again.  From this state, it gives the friendly beep when power is plugged in and sits there with no blinking red led and no other leds lit.  If I unplug the power, it gives the appropriate beep, and again when I plug the power back in.

So fundamentally the unit will function, but the charging is just all over the place.  Is it in protection mode?  Is there a way of getting it out of protection mode?

I haven't seen this pattern reported in any other posts so it seems to be unusual.

Any helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Who also had this issue