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Bose SoundControl Hearing Aids & Support

Take control of your hearing with a self-fitting direct-to-consumer hearing aid that you can personalize to your needs. Bose SoundControl™ Hearing Aids pair with the Bose Hear app, the first self-tuning mobile app that’s clinically proven to provide audiologist-quality customization for individuals 18 or older with perceived mild to moderate hearing loss. Enjoy total control, and the freedom to make the most of every moment.


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The Bose SoundControl Hearing Aids will not have dedicated support on the Bose Community. We want to make sure that we can provide you with the best possible support with every interaction, and feel we are best suited to do that in a more intimate, 1-on-1 environment.


Posts on any board, including Hearphones, on the Bose Community regarding the Bose SoundControl Hearing Aids will be removed by our moderators.


If you want support for you hearing aids, please reach out to our HearBetter team. You can reach them at



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