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**UPDATE** Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 - App setup and connection issue on iOS

**UPDATE - 6 AUGUST 2019**


UPDATE 6-August-2019: We released an update to the Bose Music app that should further improve the setup experience. Additional information on this update can be found HERE.


**UPDATE - 19 JULY 2019**

Today, 19-July-2019, we are releasing an update to the Bose Music app that improves the setup experiences. Additional information on this update can be found HERE.


As we acknowledged recently, we became aware of an issue that, in some instances, could cause setup through the Bose Music app to fail on iOS.  In certain other cases, we also had seen setup succeed, but a reconnection to the app fail later. Today’s Bose Music App update delivers the first set of improvements for these connection issues.


With this update, if you have had issues connecting to the Bose Music app directly, we recommend connecting to your mobile device first via the Bluetooth settings menu, and then proceeding with app setup.


In addition to today’s update, we are also planning further improvements to the Bose Music app, including a fix for a logout issue that has impacted some customers after setup.  We are targeting an August release for this next update.


As always, if you continue to have issues or if we do not meet your expectations for the product, please contact Bose Service within your region HERE to discuss further.


You may follow us here on this post, or on Twitter via @BoseService for updates.



Dear Community,


We have received feedback from some Community users who have been telling us that they cannot set up their Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 headphones through the Bose Music app on iOS.  In some cases, we’ve also seen setup succeed, but reconnection to the app fail later.


These issues have been forwarded to our engineering team and they have identified the cause and are working as quickly as possible to improve it. We expect to release an update to the Bose Music app near the end of July. In the meantime, we have identified a number of troubleshooting steps (please see below) that have improved the issue for many people. We encourage you to try them. If they do not work for you prior to availability of the app update, you can still use the product to listen to music, enjoy noise cancelling, and take calls by directly connecting the headphone through your phone’s Bluetooth settings.

We understand that this may not meet your expectations for the product, and if you don’t want to wait until the app update is available, please contact Bose Service to discuss further.

We will, of course, provide an update to you as soon as the Bose Music app is updated.


We would like to thank you for your patience, as we work as quickly as possible to resolve the issue.


Your Community team.



My headphones will not pair with my Bluetooth device:

First, on your Mobile Device:

  1. Remove your headphones from mobile phone or tablet's General Bluetooth settings. You can do this by tapping Settings > Bluetooth > Find you Bose Product in the list. You may note two listings for the headphones - please delete both from the list by choosing “Forget," "Unpair," or "Remove".
  2. Force close the Bose Music app. The method of closing an app varies by device and operating system.

Second, on your headphones:

  1. Clear the headphones' pairing list.
    1. Press and release the Power/Bluetooth Button to power on the headphones.
    2. Once the headphones are powered on, press and hold the Power/Bluetooth button again for 10 seconds until you hear “Bluetooth device list cleared.”

Third, pair using the App

  1. Open the Bose Music app to pair. Follow the onscreen prompts. For iOS devices, you will eventually see a window pop up titled “Select an Accessory”. Please note, it could take a few seconds or up to a couple of minutes for the headset to show up in this list.
  2. Once the headset is displayed tap the headset name in this window.
  3. The headset will connect to the mobile device and you should hear the “Connected to” voice prompt. For iOS users, immediately following this connection another prompted window will be displayed titled, “Bluetooth Pairing Request”, Click “Pair” to complete the secure Bluetooth Connection on your device.
  4. Follow the rest of the on-screen prompts in the app.


If you are still unable to get the headset to pair here are a few other things to try:

Repeat steps above under “On your Mobile Device” and “On your headphones”


  1. Turn Bluetooth off then on again
  2. Toggle Airplane mode on then off
  3. Log out and log back into the Bose Music App
  4. Reboot your device
  5. Uninstall and reinstall the Bose music App

Finally, reboot your headphones:

  1. Disconnect all cables from the headphones
  2. Connect one end of the USB cable to a USB-A wall charger or computer that is powered on
  3. Press and hold the Power/Bluetooth button while connecting the small end of the USB cable into the USB-C port on the right earcup
  4. Release the Power/Bluetooth button when the Bluetooth light blinks blue
  5. Repeat step from “Pair using the App” mentioned above.
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